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Tyndrum Lower



In 1988, RETB was commissioned and Tyndrum Lower became a token exchange point. No TPWS equipment is provided here.

27 March 1988

RETB commissioned between Crianlarich and Taynuilt. Tyndrum Lower becomes a token exchange point.

Tyndrum Lower (1988)
Tyndrum Lower (1988)

15 January 1989

Alterations to RETB tokens as a result of a new token exchange point at Lower Crianlarich. Supplementary boards removed from both stop boards.

Tyndrum Lower (1989)
Tyndrum Lower (1989)

April 2006

Additional emergency token exchange point telephone provided.

12 May 2013

Telephones provided at Tyndrum Lower user-worked level crossing (immediately west of station platform).