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St. Bride’s Crossing



A new crossing loop was established at St. Bride's in 1893 to split the section between Callander West and Strathyre. John Anderson had wanted to open a station here but landowner objections prevented it. A switching out facility was provided in 1921. For a period, a siding had existed on the Down side. The crossing loop and signal box closed in 1951.

27 July 1893

Maj. Gen. Hutchinson (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection of a new passenger passing place with a new signal cabin (10 working levers and 8 spaces) and found the interlocking correct.

27 July 1893

Signal box opened.

St. Bride's Crossing (1893)
St. Bride's Crossing (1893)

5 December 1921

Switching out facility provided. All trains run via the Up Loop when the box is switched out.

St. Bride's Crossing (1921)
St. Bride's Crossing (1921)

1 May 1940

Alterations. Details unknown. (provision of new Down siding?)

19 March 1950

Down siding removed.

23 September 1951

Crossing loop abolished and signal box closed.