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Oban station is the terminus of the line. One year after opening, the line between the station and Oban Goods Junction was doubled. Oban was one of two locations on the line where a signal gantry was installed. The station was enlarged in 1904 and the signal box replaced. The signal box's lever frame was reduced in size from 64 to 48 levers following layout simplification carried out in 1969. The signal box closed in 1982 when No Signalman Key Token working was introduced on the section from Taynuilt.

24 May 1880

Col. Marindin (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection in connection with the extension of the line from Dalmally to Oban. There was a signal cabin with 21 levers and a frame with 3 levers. There were Tyer's new instruments for electric block working, but these were not at the time installed and should be re-inspected when brought into use. An electric repeater was required for the distant signal, and levers 14 and 20 should be interlocked. Signals were required at no.15 points for running up to Nos. 1 and 2 Platforms, and a gong was also required for communicating with the frame. Opening was refused due to incompleteness of work.

29 June 1880

Board of Trade re-inspection. Opening was sanctioned, but a speed restriction of 20 mph was imposed from the signal cabin down to the station.

1 July 1880

Line opened between Dalmally and Oban. Signal box opened.

12 August 1880

New tablet instruments inspected by Board of Trade and reported without comment.

Later that year, it was reported that the tablet instruments referred to above now had additions, with two sets of instruments at each station, one set of round and one set of octagonal tablets, all lettered for the section applicable. There was the usual undertaking for the train staff system.


Line doubled to Oban Goods Junction. (2 May?)

2 June 1881

Col. Marindin (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection of the alterations completed on 2 May 1881. He reported that 800 yards of single line had been converted to double, which had effected a great improvement. Only one line inside the station was for arrivals, but both platforms were signalled for departures. There were 18 working levers in the signal box, correctly interlocked.

23 May 1882

Col. Marindin (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection, finding that the only alteration affecting the passenger lines was the removal of a crossing of the junction of the goods line to the pier for a few feet from its former position.

14 January 1896


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29 February 1896

Lt. Col. Yorke (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection in connection with alterations at Oban Goods Junction. He also reported inspecting the signalling of the arrival platforms also for departure as well as arrival. The signal cabin contained 24 levers, all in use.

23 June 1904

Station extended and signal box replaced (new box 37 yards north of old box). New signal bridge installed.

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18 July 1904

Lt. Col. Yorke (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection of two new platform lines to the west of the existing lines, with a new signal box with 55 working and 7 spare levers and 2 spaces. There were also two ground frames, one with 4 levers and the other with 2. The lock between levers 36 and 14 in the box required to be adjusted; otherwise, the interlocking was correct.

Oban Station (1904)
Oban Station (1904)


Platforms renumbered.

13 May 1953

Permanent way recoveries. Trains can no longer arrive at Platform 1.

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16 January 1955

Signal bridge renewed.

Oban Station (1955)
Oban Station (1955)

3 December 1957

Down Distant signal replaced.

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16 June 1968

Carriage siding removed.

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4 May 1969

Alterations associated with the closure of Oban Goods Junction signal box.

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20 July 1969

Down Distant signal repositioned.

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24 December 1972

Down Distant signal repositioned.

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21 July 1974

Tablet instrument (for section to Taynuilt) replaced by key token instrument.

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25 July 1976

Two new track circuits brought into use.

Oban Station (1976)
Oban Station (1976)

31 January 1981

No.2 Platform line temporarily put out of use.

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28 November 1982

Layout remodelled and all movements handsignalled.

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1 December 1982

New connection from single line to oil depot siding, worked by 2-lever ground frame released by section token.

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5 December 1982

Signal box closed and layout simplified. No-signalman key token working introduced.

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