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Upon closure of Oban signal box in 1982, Electric Token Block working was retained on the section from Taynuilt, with a "no signalman" key token instrument provided in the former paraffin hut at Oban. All passenger trains arrived at and departed from the former Platform 3 until 1989, when the former Platform 4 was made available to passenger trains. RETB was commissioned in 1988.

5 December 1982

Oban signal box closed and layout simplified. No-signalman key token working introduced.

Oban (1982)
Oban (1982)

6 April 1986

2-lever Oil Depot and Oban Yard ground frames replaced by 3-lever ground frames.

11 May 1986

2-lever Oban Station ground frame replaced by 3-lever ground frame.

Oban (1986)
Oban (1986)

24 April 1988

RETB commissioned between Taynuilt and Oban. Oban becomes a token exchange point.

Oban (1988)
Oban (1988)


Oil Depot ground frame repositioned on the Down side of the single line.

17 December 1989

Loco Release Line redesignated as a platform line and associated alterations carried out. Oban Yard ground frame replaced.

Oban (1989)
Oban (1989)

1 March 1998

Up platform line and Down sidings temporarily put out of use.

29 March 1998

Up platform line and Down sidings reinstated.

27 October 2003

TPWS commissioned.

Oban (2003)
Oban (2003)

Week commencing 27 March 2006

Additional emergency token exchange point telephone provided.


Down Platform Line stop board changed to small pattern type in connection with the construction of a new walkway.

1 May 2011

Oil Siding "temporarily" taken out of use.

Oban (2011)
Oban (2011)