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Signalling Notices


BETWEEN TAYNUILT AND CRIANLARICH - In preparation for the introduction of Sprinter unit working, the following signalling alterations have been carried out :-

"Long Section" tokens applying between Crianlarich/Dalmally and Dalmally/Crianlarich have been withdrawn and, at Tyndrum Lower, the supplementary boards worded "Drivers in Possession of Long Section tokens may proceed" positioned below the Up and Down Stop boards have been removed.

A new Up direction token exchange point known as Lower Crianlarich has been brought into use on the Crianlarich side of Crianlarich ground frame, 720 yards from the Up Points Set indicator at Crianlarich. A new post carrying the signs detailed below has been provided :-

Reflectorised board worded "Stop. Obtain Token and Permission to Proceed" with a supplementary board worded "Drivers in Possession of Long Section tokens may proceed."

A new Up distant board for Crianlarich has been provided below the supplementary board. Associated AWS track equipment has been provided.

An additional board worded "Lower Crianlarich" has been provided below Crianlarich Up distant board.

An emergency telephone has been provided.

The existing Up distant board for Crianlarich has become the Up distant board for Lower Crianlarich.

Station limits boards are NOT provided. The Down direction continues to be Crianlarich/Tyndrum Lower and the "Engineering" token arrangements between Tyndrum Lower and Crianlarich still apply.

The following Up direction tokens are available in connection with the new token exchange point at Lower Crianlarich :-

Tyndrum Lower/Crianlarich - "Long Section"
Tyndrum Lower/Lower Crianlarich - "Section"
Lower Crianlarich/Crianlarich - "Section"
Lower Crianlarich/Crianlarich Loop Occupied -  Special token to be used only in accordance with Local Instructions.

NOTE : Loop Occupied tokens are not to be used until further notice.

Between Taynuilt and Tyndrum Lower, new "Long Section" tokens have been provided in both directions and supplementary boards worded "Drivers in Possession of Long Section tokens may Proceed" have been provided below the Up and Down Loop Stop boards at Dalmally.