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Signalling Notices


SUNDAY 9 FEBRUARY - DALMALLY - All existing signals will be removed, with the exception of the reflectorised distant boards.

The points at the connection single line to loop line at the North and South ends will be converted to be train operated.

Up trains will run on the Up line.
Down trains will run on the Down line.

The facing connection, Up Loop to RCE Siding will be controlled by a three lever ground frame, released by Annett's Key, which will be retained by the signalman.

Additional notice boards will be provided, on the left of drivers for the direction to which they apply, and positioned as follows:-

Yellow "proceed" light with Reflectorised "Points Set" sign.

Up direction  - 50 yards from facing connection to the Up loop.
Down direction  - 50 yards from facing connection to the Down loop.

Reflectorised sign worded "Stop - Obtain Token and Permission to Proceed".

Up direction  approaching the Up loop exit connection.
Down direction  approaching the Down loop exit connection.
approaching the exit from the RCE siding.

Reflectorised "Station Limits - Loop Clear" boards.

Positioned 300 yards beyond the loop connections.

A sketch of the permanent way layout and notice boards is shown on page C4.

C Notice Sketch