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Signalling Notices


SUNDAY 5 DECEMBER - OBAN - The box will be closed a [sic] a block post. All signals will be removed and the layout and arrangements shown on page 27 of this notice will be brought into operation.

A "No Signalman " key token instrument will be provided in a bothy adjacent to the yard ground frame and this instrument must be operated by trainmen in accordance with the instructions exhibited there. Telephones with signs will be provided in the bothy and at the Taynuilt end of the platform.

The single line electric token block section will extend from Taynuilt to the buffer stop on the Platform line at Oban.

Trains requiring to "shut in" must be shunted into the yard.

The attention of staff is drawn to the Sectional Appendix Local Instructions contained in Section D of this notice.

C Notice Sketch