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Signalling Notices


SUNDAY 26 FEBRUARY - BETWEEN CRIANLARICH WEST AND CRIANLARICH UPPER - The Up and Down lines between Crianlarich West and East will be replaced by a single line, Crianlarich West and East boxes will be closed as block posts and all points and signals worked therefrom removed. The Electric Token block section will be extended to apply Tyndrum Lower/Crianlarich Upper, distance 5 miles 392 yards.
The following additional permanent way and signalling alterations will be carried out:-
A connection, facing to Up trains, will be provided in the single line 1,078 yards on the Tyndrum Lower side of Crianlarich Upper box. This connection will give access to Crianlarich timber sidings and will be controlled from a ground frame released by the section token.
An intermediate key token instrument will be provided in the ground frame but [sic] to enable a train to be shunted on to the timber sidings for other trains to pass.
A telephone with sign will be provided at the ground frame.
The Down branch starting signal will be removed.