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Signalling Notices


Sunday, 17th September - Connel Ferry East. - The trap points in the shunting head will be replaced by plain rail.
The "T" bracket post carrying the Down main home signal with Connel Ferry West Down distant positioned below and miniature arm signals to Up sidings and Through siding will be renewed as a straight post, 10 yards farther from the box carrying the following signals:-
Top arm - Down main home - arm 22 feet 6 inches above rail level.
Bottom arm - Connel Ferry West Down distant - arm 16 feet 6 inches above rail level.
Two single ground disc signals will be provided at the base of the above post applying:-
Right hand disc - To Up sidings.
Left hand disc - To Through siding.
The two single ground disc signals at the outlet from the Up sidings will be replaced by a two-tier ground disc signal applying:-
Top arm - To shunt spur.
Bottom arm - To shunting head or single line.