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Signalling Notices


Wednesday 16th February - Dunblane/Crianlarich East - This line will be put out of use and a rail will be removed at a point clear of the connection to Springbank siding at Dunblane and at a point 250 yards on the Luib side of the ground frame operated connection to the Lower yard at Crianlarich East.
A buffer stop will be provided at the point of severance at Crianlarich East and the facing end of the connection to Springbank sidings at Dunblane will be disconnected, clamped, spiked and padlocked for movements to the siding.
A token from the Dunblane/Doune and Crianlarich East/Luib sections will be retained to operate the ground frame operated connections to Paradise Siding and Crianlarich Lower yard, respectively.
The undernoted signalling alterations will be carried out.
Dunblane - The branch to Up main Distant, branch to Up main outer home and Up main to branch starting signals will be removed.
The arms of the platform loop to branch starting and Down main to branch starting signals will be replaced by miniature arms.
Crianlarich East - The Down main Distant signal will be removed and the arm of the Up main home signal will be replaced by a miniature arm.