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Signalling Notices


SUNDAY 12 OCTOBER - TYNDRUM LOWER - The token station will be closed as a block post and the token section will be extended to apply Dalmally/Crianlarich, distance 17 miles 590 yards.

The Down loop will be put out of use and the connections thereto disconnected and secured for movements along the Up loop which will be retained as the single line.

All signals will be removed.

The following associated signalling alterations will be carried out :-

Crianlarich - A signal, designated Up branch home 1, will be provided 667 yards from the box on the left of drivers, arm 12 feet above rail level. A telephone with sign will be provided thereat.

The Up branch home signal will be re-designated Up branch home 2 signal.

The Up branch distant signal will be re-positioned 747 yards farther from the box on the left of drivers, arm 16 feet above rail level.

The normal aspect of ground disc signal Down siding to Down loop will be changed from red to yellow.