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Signalling Notices


Monday, 21st June - Connel Ferry West. - The following altered signalling arrangements will be brought into operation:-
The Down sidings will be removed.
The following signals will be removed:-
Three-arm elevated signal with miniature arms, sidings to head shunt, to Down main or Down branch.
One-arm ground dwarf semaphore, head shunt to siding.
The existing three-arm signal, goods loop to head shunt, Down main or Down branch will be replaced by a two-arm elevated signal with miniature arms in a position 190 yards from the box on left of driver.
Top arm ... ... ...  Goods loop to Down main.
Bottom arm ... ... ...  Goods loop to branch.
The bottom arm of the three-arm ground dwarf semaphore Down main to branch platform, Up main or Down sidings, will be removed and the signal will read:-
Top arm ... ... ...  Down main to branch platform.
Bottom arm ... ... ...  Down main to Up main.
The top arm of the two-arm elevated signal, fixed on the gantry, Up main to goods loop or Down sidings, will be removed and the remaining arm will now apply Up main to goods loop.
The Up home signal from the branch at present applying to the goods loop or Down sidings will now apply from the branch to the Up main line only.