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Signalling Notices


No. 1035
GLASGOW, 15th March, 1899


In order to facilitate the works in connection with the new Railway to Ballachulish at present being constructed near Connel Ferry, a temporary connection has been laid down, and a new Junction formed with the Main Line, about 169 yards West from the 65½ Mile Post, and about 144 yards West from the centre of the Bridge carrying the Railway over the roadways and stream immediately West of the West end of Connel Ferry Station Platforms.

A new Dwarf Frame has been placed on the South side of the Main Line, about 2 yards East from the new Junction, and about 478 yards West from the Main Station Signal Frame. This Dwarf Frame contains 2 Levers, and is locked by the Train Tablet for the Section between Connel Ferry and Oban, and the following Signal, as well as the Points and Locking-Bar, will be worked from it:-

Ground Disc Signal.- A new Signal from the Branch to the Main Line has been placed between the Branch and the Main Line, about 54 yards West from the Frame.

To come into operation on Friday, the 17th of March, 1899.