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Signalling Notices


No. 636
GLASGOW, 4th November, 1893.


During the erection of the Viaduct, to carry the West Highland Railway over the Callander and Oban Railway to the West of Crianlarich Station, the following new Signals on each side of the Viaduct will be in operation:-

Dwarf Signal Frame.

A new Dwarf Signal Frame of 2 Levers, from which the following Signals will be worked, has been placed on the South side of the Callander and Oban Railway, about 15 yards East from the East side of the Viaduct.

Home Signals.- A new Up Signal has been placed on the North side of the Line, about 69 yards West from the Frame.

A new Down Signal has been placed on the South side of the Line, about 30 yards East from the Frame.

Note.- These Signals only apply to the protection of the Line at the Viaduct, and Drivers of Trains and Engines must have them under such control that they may stop clear of the Viaduct in the event of the Signals being suddenly put to Danger.

The Station Signals remain unaltered.

To come into operation on Wednesday, the 8th day of November, 1893.