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Lag-na-Ha Quarry



A loop siding was provided at Lag-na-Ha in 1920 to serve the Argyll Quarry Company. It lay within the Duror to Kentallen tablet section. The siding was on the east side of the single line and there were two ground frames. The siding closed in 1949.

31 August 1920

Siding opened.

24 September 1926

Lt. Col. Mount (Ministry of Transport) reported on his inspection of a new loop siding provided on the east side of the single line, serving the Argyll Quarry Company and on a gradient of 1 in 110 falling towards Kentallen. The points at each end of the loop were worked by two ground frames controlled by the Duror/Kentallen tablet. There were trap points at each end of the siding. He required the left-hand point rail of the trap at the lower end to be extended to safeguard derailed wagons fouling the main line. Traffic was propelled during daylight and not during fog or snow when the lower end was used. Traffic from the siding was worked by Up trains from Kentallen via points at the higher (south) end, which necessitated leaving the train on the main line on the falling gradient. This could be accepted provided the train was properly secured according to the Company's instruction for working this siding, and provided a 20 ton brake van was attached to the train and the load limited to ten wagons. There was a hand-worked crane situated on top of the cutting about the middle of the siding at the terminus of the quarry tramway, and this crane seemed none too secure. Trap points were also required to safeguard movements down the quarry tramway. The Company had both matters in hand.

10 December 1949

Siding closed.