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A station and signal box were provided at Loch Awe when the railway opened in 1880. The station originally had a single platform on the Down side. The loop was extended and a second platform was provided in 1902. The signal box was replaced at that time. The station closed in 1965, and the signal box closed in 1966. The station was re-opened in 1985, using the former Up platform.

24 May 1880

Col. Marindin (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection in connection with the extension of the line from Dalmally to Oban. There was one frame of 12 levers and one frame of 3 levers. Catch points were required at each end of the loop, and since there was only one platform, only one line could be used for passenger work. Opening was refused due to incompleteness of work.

29 June 1880

Board of Trade re-inspection. Opening was sanctioned, but a speed restriction of 25 mph was imposed.

1 July 1880

Line opened between Dalmally and Oban. Signal box opened.

12 August 1880

New tablet instruments inspected by Board of Trade and reported without comment.

Later that year, it was reported that the tablet instruments referred to above now had additions, with two sets of instruments at each station, one set of round and one set of octagonal tablets, all lettered for the section applicable. There was the usual undertaking for the train staff system.

4 April 1887

New connecting line between goods yard and station loop brought into use.

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13 September 1888

Up Home signal repositioned.

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5 May 1902

Loop extended and signal box replaced (new box 13 yards east of old box).

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9 September 1902

Lt. Col. Druitt (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection of the extension of the passing loop to 200 yards on each side of the new signal box, with a new 400-foot platform. The locking frame of 15 working and 7 spare levers and 2 spaces was also new.

Loch Awe (1902)
Loch Awe (1902)

1 September 1959

Signal (either the Down Home or the Up Starting) repositioned.

3 September 1959

Signal (either the Down Home or the Up Starting) repositioned.

25 November 1964

Alterations. Details unknown (removal of sidings?).

Loch Awe (1965)
Loch Awe (1965)

1 November 1965

Station closed.

2 October 1966

Crossing loop abolished and signal box closed. Down loop retained as single line.

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