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After the closure of the signal boxes at Killin and Loch Tay, the branch continued to be worked by the one engine in steam method. Passenger trains ceased running beyond Killin to Loch Tay in 1939. Since there was no loop at Killin, trains were rounded by shunting the engine into the sidings then letting the coaches run past the siding connection by gravitation. In 1959, the staff section from Killin Junction applied only as far as Killin and yard working was in force on the line to Loch Tay.

1 September 1935

Signal box closed.

22 November 1959

Killin sidings ground frame removed. Yard working implemented between Killin and Loch Tay.

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Killin (1959)
Killin (1959)

27 September 1965

Line closed.