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Killin Junction West



Killin Junction West was one of two signal boxes opened in 1886 to control the new junction layout for the Killin Railway. The West box closed in 1935 when the East box took over control of the whole layout.

12 February 1886

Col. Marindin (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection of a new station to replace the existing Killin station, which was to be abandoned and used only as a passing place (Glenoglehead Crossing). There were two signal cabins, one at each end of the loop, the East having 19 working levers and the West 20 working. The interlocking was correct in both cabins, but tablet instruments had to be placed in both cabins, to which the points and signals had not yet been connected.

1 April 1886?

Signal box opened.

Killin Junction West (1886)
Killin Junction West (1886) (Un-numbered)

1 September 1935

Killin Junction West S.B. closed and Killin Junction East S.B. renamed "Killin Junction".