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In 1935, Killin Junction West box was closed and the East box took over control of the whole layout. There was a lever "0" here, indicating an extension to the frame. An auxiliary tablet instrument was provided on the Down platform. The only set of motor operated points on the whole line was here.

1 September 1935

Killin Junction West S.B. closed and Killin Junction East S.B. renamed "Killin Junction".

22 October 1938

Lt. Col. Wilson (Ministry of Transport) reported that the West Junction box had been closed and the facing points at the southern end of the main crossing loop were now motor operated by primary battery from the East Junction box, with an auxiliary tablet instrument for the section to Luib provided on the Down platform. To provide connections at the south end of the station Branch platform, a new 9-lever ground frame was provided, electrically controlled from the East Junction box, and which also slotted the running signals which applied to movements into and out of the Branch platform at its south end. Such moves were relatively infrequent, although the Branch Platform line formed a convenient third loop for trains crossing. The platform was mainly used for the shuttle service on the Killin Branch, which was worked by a train staff and one engine in steam. On account of the long and steep downward gradient towards Killin, interlaced lines named "live" and "dead" roads were formerly provided, with facing points at both ends. Ascending trains used the left-hand interlaced line, in which there were self-acting catch points. These "live" and "dead" roads had now been removed. Shunting was prohibited along the branch unless the engine was at the lower end. A similar prohibition applied to the single line towards Luib, where the gradient also fell steeply. The signal arrangements were as on the plan, with three new track circuits, separately indicated in the East Junction box, which had a frame of 28 levers, all in use with correct locking and control.

10 September 1950

Down Main Home signal repositioned.

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1 October 1950

Alterations. Details unknown.

8 October 1950

Alterations. Details unknown.

Killin Junction (1950)
Killin Junction (1950)

27 September 1965

Signal box closed. Line closed.