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Acharn Siding

These instructions appeared in the Appendix to the Working Time Table, dated 1st May, 1915.

ACHARN SIDING.-The Siding is controlled by Train Staff for the Section and must be worked by Down Trains only. The Guard must see that his Brake is hard on before leaving his Van.
When it is necessary to send a Light Engine or Train to Acharn Siding from Killin Station, and for it to return there, the Light Engine or Train must be Signalled from Killin Station to Killin Junction East Box in accordance with Regulation 8 of the Block Telegraph for Single Lines shewn in the Appendix to the Working Time Table.
Killin Station must explain to Killin Junction East by Telegraph that this is being done, and on return of the Light Engine or Train from Acharn Siding to Killin, and the Section is again clear, the "Cancelling" Signal must be sent to Killin Junction East Box.