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Speed of Trains

These instructions appeared in the Appendix to the Working Time Table, dated 1st May, 1915.

SPEED OF TRAINS AND MANNER IN WHICH ENGINES, &c., ARE TO BE WORKED.-Trains or Light Engines must not travel on the Line at a greater speed than 20 miles an hour. Engines to travel tender first from Loch Tay to Killin Junction, and head first from Killin Junction to Loch Tay.
In descending the Incline from Killin Junction to Killin, the Van Brake must be applied, but not so hard as to skid the wheels or fire the blocks, and they must be kept on until the bottom of the Incline is reached.
Immediately after the Guard or Guards have applied the Brakes, the Engine Driver will apply what additional power is necessary, and control the Train with the Brake Power at his command.