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West Laroch Slate Quarry Siding

These instructions appeared in the Appendix to the Working Time Table, dated 1st May, 1915.

WEST LAROCH SLATE QUARRY SIDING, near Ballachulish (Glencoe).-The Dwarf Frame for the Siding is controlled by the Train Tablet for the Section, Ballachulish (Glencoe) and Kentallen.
When a Goods or Mineral Train or Light Engine has to work at West Laroch Slate Quarry Siding, and requires to return to Ballachulish (Glencoe) without going through the whole Section, it must be signalled to Kentallen in accordance with Train Tablet Regulation No. 8 (Ballast Train requiring to stop in Section), and dealt with as laid down in Clauses (b) and (c) of that Regulation.
In all such cases the Signalman at Ballachulish (Glencoe) must inform the Signalman at Kentallen, by telephone, the description of Train that has gone forward, and the purpose for which the Tablet has been released, and also record the transaction in his Train Register Book.
The Wagons with the Brake Van in front may be propelled from the Siding to Ballachulish (Glencoe.) The speed must not exceed 10 miles an hour, and the Brakesman in charge must apply sufficient brake power to control the Train into the Sidings.
The Engine and Van working the Siding must be accompanied by an experienced Guard, Brakesman, or Porter from Ballachulish (Glencoe), who must get the key of the small Locking Frame from the Signalman and hand it back to the latter after the work has been completed.