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Barcaldine (Private) Siding

These instructions appeared in the Appendix to the Working Time Table, dated 1st May, 1915.

BARCALDINE (PRIVATE) SIDING-Between Benderloch and Creagan. - The Dwarf Frame for this Siding is controlled by the Train Tablet for the Section, Benderloch and Creagan, and Keys for it are kept by the Station Masters at Creagan and Benderloch. The Siding may be worked by Up or Down Trains. The Trains authorised to work the Siding are specified in Working Time Table. All Road Van Traffic will be collected at Creagan and worked by the authorised Train.

When Wagons are being Tail-roped into the Siding, the Guard must, before uncoupling them from the Train, pin down the Wagon Brakes, and then draw the Wagons slowly into the Siding.

Passengers will be set down or taken up at Barcaldine Platform on notice being given to the Guard of the Train or to the Station Masters at Benderloch or Creagan. Such Passengers travelling from the South should be supplied with Tickets to Creagan, and from the North with Tickets to Benderloch.

Parcels Traffic, which should be similarly booked, will be collected at Creagan and sent forward from that Station by the 11.25 a.m. Train ex Ballachulish daily.