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Automatic Stone Signals at Craig-na-Cailleach

These instructions appeared in the Appendix to the Working Time Table, dated 1st May, 1915.

AUTOMATIC STONE SIGNALS AT CRAIG-NA-CAILLEACH, NEAR 6th MILE POST BETWEEN CALLANDER AND STRATHYRE STATIONS.-There are two of the above. The First Post, commencing from the Callander end, carries a Down Signal, and stands on the West side of the Line, about 52 yards South from the 5¾ Mile Post.

The Second Post carries an Up Signal, and stands on the West side of the Line about 87 yards South from the 6th Mile Post.

These Signals are connected by a set of Wires, and so long as the Wires are whole the Signals are off, but if the Wires are broken by the falling of a stone from the hillside it is intended that the Signals shall go to Danger, in which case a Driver must reduce speed and advance cautiously, sending his Fireman forward to ascertain if there is any obstruction on the Line.

Notwithstanding these Stone Signal arrangements, the Instructions as to "Controlling of Trains Down Inclines" at page 46, and those at pages 59 to 62, headed "Brake Power on Goods and Mineral, &c., Trains" and "Attaching and Detaching Vehicles" must be observed.