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Trains fitted with Continuous Brake

These instructions appeared in the Appendix to the Working Time Tables, dated 1st August, 1888.

TRAINS FITTED WITH CONTINUOUS BRAKE WORKED FROM THE ENGINE.-Passenger, Special, or Excursion Trains not to exceed twelve Six-wheeled Vehicles, or fourteen if one-half the Vehicles are Four-wheeled. Trains so fitted and worked, consisting of more than eight Six-wheeled Passenger Vehicles to have two Guards. Trains worked with Hand Brakes to have one Guard for five Six-wheeled Passenger Vehicles, or seven Four-wheeled Passenger Vehicles; above that and not exceeding nine Six-wheeled or twelve Four-wheeled Passenger Vehicles, two Guards. Above twelve Passenger Vehicles, three Guards. Three Four-wheeled Passenger Vehicles to be reckoned as two Six-wheeled Passenger Vehicles.