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Between Loch Awe and Taynuilt

These instructions appeared in the Sectional Appendix to the Working Timetable and Books of Rules and Regulations, dated 18th January, 1969.


Pass of Brander.-Automatic stone signals.-Between the 51¾ and 56 mile posts in Pass of Brander, 16 of these automatic stone signals are erected on the south or loch side, and one near the 54 mile post on the north or hill side of the line, at irregular distances from each other, and at points where the best view can be obtained of them from either direction. All these signal posts carry an Up and a Down arm, with the exception of the one at the east end, which carries a Down arm only, and the one at the west end, which carries an Up arm only. The signals are connected by a number of wires forming a screen which runs along the top of the railway slope on the hill side of the line, and so long as the screen wires remain intact, and not broken by stones coming down from the mountain, the signals remain clear; but in the event of a stone falling from the mountain, and one or more wires being broken, Up and Down signals go to danger. Every alternate wire passes the first signal post and is connected with the second signal post, and when a Driver sights a signal at danger he must reduce speed and proceed cautiously sending his Secondman forward to ascertain if the line is clear, until a second clear signal is reached-as there may be one clear signal between two danger ones-or until the last special signal for the falling stones is passed.
The apparatus is connected with bells in Dalmally token station and Taynuilt token station and emergency bells are provided between these token stations and the Gangers house at Falls of Cruachan and Bridge of Awe.
The signal lamps are attended to by the S. & T. Engineer's staff.