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Killin Jn.

These instructions appeared in the Sectional Appendix to the Working Timetable and Books of Rules and Regulations, Section 2 - West, dated 1st October, 1960.


Auxiliary token instrument.-When the signalman is unable to hand the token to the driver of a Down train when passing the signal box the driver, on arrival at the West end of the station, must send the fireman to the auxiliary instrument, who must act in accordance with the instructions exhibited at the instrument.

When the signalman has obtained permission for the train to proceed he will advise the fireman by telephone that a token can be withdrawn at the auxiliary instrument.

Down trains.-A Down train not conveying passengers may be refuged on the Up main line. In such cases the driver will be hand signalled to the Up main line and he must bring the train to a stand at the disc signal protecting the catch points.

Up trains.-When an Up train is stopped at the Up main starting signal waiting to cross a Down train, the driver must immediately send the fireman to the signal box with the token.