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Between Callander and Strathyre

These instructions appeared in the Sectional Appendix to the Working Timetable and Books of Rules and Regulations, Section 2 - West, dated 1st October, 1960.


Craig-na-Cailleach-Automatic stone signals.-Automatic stone signals are provided as follows:-
Down direction . . West side of line, 52 yards South of 5¾ mile post.
Up direction . . West side of line, 87 yards South of 6 mile post.

The normal position of these signals is clear, but if the wires connecting them are broken by a fall of stone, the signals will go to danger.

If the signals are at danger, the driver must reduce speed and proceed cautiously, sending his fireman forward to ascertain if the line is clear.

The signal lamps are attended to by the District Engineer's staff.

Bell and telephone communication is provided between the ganger's house at Craig-na-Cailleach and the station master's house at Strathyre for the purpose of enabling them to communicate in the event of a fall of rock on the line.