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Glenlochy Crossing



A new crossing loop was provided here in 1882 to split the section between Tyndrum and Dalmally. The signalman's accommodation was combined with the signal box. A switching out facility was provided in 1922. The crossing loop and signal box closed in 1966.


Signal box opened.

20 May 1882

Col. Marindin (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection of a new crossing place, where the work had been carried out in accordance with Board of Trade requirements for same.

16 January 1922

Switching out facility provided. All trains run via the Down Loop when the box is switched out.

Glenlochy Crossing (1950)
Glenlochy Crossing (1950)

3 February 1951

Up siding removed. Points in Up loop retained as trap points.

14 November 1951

Down siding removed.

22 July 1952

Alterations. Details unknown.

Glenlochy Crossing (1952)
Glenlochy Crossing (1952)

10 July 1966

Crossing loop abolished and signal box closed. Down loop retained as single line.

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