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A temporary signal box and sidings opened at Glencruitten Summit in 1900, during work to lower the top of the summit to accommodate a new crossing loop. The new loop opened in 1903, splitting the section between Connel Ferry West and Oban Goods Junction, thereby minimising the impact of late running. The signalman's accommodation was combined with the signal box. A switching out facility was provided in 1922. The crossing loop and signal box closed in 1966. The former signal box/house remains today as a private dwelling.

9 October 1900

Temporary signal box and sidings opened.

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Glencruitten (1900)
Glencruitten (1900) (Un-numbered)

18 January 1901

Lt. Col. Yorke (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection of temporary arrangements during the construction of a passing loop to divide the section between Oban and Connel Ferry, and also to enable material to be removed from the work in progress and carried to Oban. It was to be a temporary tablet post and a box had been erected but it could not be used as a passing place. Tablet instruments had been provided, interlocked electrically so that when a tablet was issued at either Oban or Connel Ferry to proceed to Glencruitten, no tablet could be issued at Oban or Connel Ferry to allow a train to proceed in the opposite direction, but a tablet could be issued for a second train to proceed in the same direction when a first had passed Glencruitten. Due to gradients, a catch siding had been laid in on the Connel Ferry side, the points of which had to be reversed before the points of the contractor's siding could be opened to allow wagons to come out onto the main line. The locking frame had 10 levers in use with 4 spare and correct interlocking.

6 September 1902

Deviation of line.

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Glencruitten (1902)
Glencruitten (1902) (Un-numbered)

24 October 1902

Alterations (dwarf frame repositioned).

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12 August 1903

Crossing loop opened and signal box replaced.

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23 September 1903

Lt. Col. Yorke (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection of the new passing place without a station. It was intended to allow trains to enter from opposite directions at the same time and overrun sidings had been provided at each end of the loop to prevent danger when this was done. He required that the driver of the second train accepted in this way should be stopped at the signal box in rear and "warned". The box contained 14 working and 4 spare levers.

20 February 1922

Switching out facility provided. All trains run via the Up Loop when the box is switched out.

Glencruitten (1945)
Glencruitten (1945)

7 May 1966

Crossing loop abolished and signal box closed. Up loop retained as single line.

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