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Dalmally station was the temporary terminus of the line from 1877 until 1880. There had been a small engine shed here. The signal box was replaced in 1896. The signal box closed in 1986, but Dalmally remained as a token station until RETB was commissioned in 1988.

29 March 1877

Maj. Gen. Hutchinson (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection of the extension of the Callander & Oban Railway from Tyndrum to Dalmally. He required that facing points locking should be fixed to the through connections and that the siding points should be locked with rods and not with wires. An Up Starting signal should be provided. The works were incomplete and opening was not sanctioned.

1 April 1877

Line opened between Tyndrum and Dalmally. Signal box opened.

27 April 1877

On re-inspection by the Board of Trade, it was found that the major alterations had been made and only minor changes were required, like boxing in a wire and a point rod at the west end of the station.

24 May 1880

Col. Marindin (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection in connection with the extension of the line from Dalmally to Oban. There was one frame of 10 levers and one frame of 2 levers. Opening was refused due to incompleteness of work.

29 June 1880

Board of Trade re-inspection. Opening sanctioned.

1 July 1880

Line opened between Dalmally and Oban.

12 August 1880

New tablet instruments inspected by Board of Trade and reported without comment.

Later that year, it was reported that the tablet instruments referred to above now had additions, with two sets of instruments at each station, one set of round and one set of octagonal tablets, all lettered for the section applicable. There was the usual undertaking for the train staff system.

12 September 1888

New Advanced Up Home signal provided.

17 June 1896

Signal box replaced (new box 61 yards west of old box).

Dalmally (1917)
Dalmally (1917)

5 November 1950

Alterations. Details unknown.

28 October 1964

Alterations. Details unknown.

14 July 1965

Goods yard sidings removed.

21 July 1974

Tablet instrument (for section to Taynuilt) replaced by key token instrument.

Dalmally (1983)
Dalmally (1983)

17 June 1984

Signalling and permanent way alterations.

Dalmally (1984)
Dalmally (1984)

April 1985

Semaphore distant signals replaced by reflectorised distant boards and AWS provided.

Dalmally (1985)
Dalmally (1985)

9 February 1986

Loop converted to RETB specifications.