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Crianlarich Station



The sidings at Crianlarich Station were retained when the signal box closed in 1921. A ground frame was provided, released by the Crianlarich East to Luib section tablet. The station had the suffix "Lower" added to its name in 1953.

Tuesday, 15 November 1921

Signal box closed and Up Loop removed. Dwarf frame provided to operate connection to sidings.

Crianlarich Station (1921)
Crianlarich Station (1921)


Station renamed "Crianlarich Lower" to distinguish it from the ex-LNE station on the West Highland Line.

Monday, 27 September 1965

Crianlarich Lower station closed.

Wednesday, 16 February 1966

Line closed between Crianlarich and Dunblane. A single token from the Crianlarich East/Luib section was retained to release the ground frame at Crianlarich Lower yard.

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Sunday, 26 February 1967

Crianlarich East signal box closed. Connection to sidings converted to hand points.

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