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A crossing loop and signal box were provided at Creagan station when the Ballachulish branch opened. This station was built with an island platform, a most unusual feature on the Callander and Oban Railway. The signal box was situated on the platform. It closed at an early date, in 1927.

20 August 1903

Line opened between Connel Ferry and Ballachulish. Signal box opened.

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24 August 1903

Lt. Col. Yorke (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection of the new Ballachulish Branch. The new signal box at Creagan had 16 working and 4 spare levers and 1 space. The sidings on the Down side required to be lengthened and if this was not possible, they should be taken out as they were dangerous as they were. Overrun sidings had been provided at each end of the loop, with facing points. If this had been done with the intention of permitting two trains to enter the station simultaneously from opposite directions, the interlocking of the points and home signals would require alteration as there was a chance of two trains meeting on the same platform line. He did not understand why, for some reason, trailing points had been inserted in each loop line. No sidings were provided in continuation of them, nor were the points connected to the signal box, nor were they in use. Sidings should be provided and the points connected to the signal box, or they should be removed.

20 May 1904

Lt. Col. Yorke (Board of Trade) re-inspected, finding that due to the requirements of 24 August 1903, the cabin now contained 15 working levers, 5 spare and 1 space.

Creagan (1904)
Creagan (1904) (Un-numbered)

1 April 1927

Signal box closed.