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Connel Ferry West was one of two new signal boxes opened in 1903 when the layout was considerably enlarged, concurrent with the opening of the Ballachulish branch. This was one of two locations on the line where a signal gantry was installed. Additional sidings were laid in on the Down side during the Second World War, and removed in 1948. The signal box closed in 1967.

18 August 1903

New layout brought into use and signal box opened.

28 August 1903

Lt. Col. Yorke (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection of the following alterations:

Two new signal boxes had been built and the signalling rearranged:

The additional arrangement of signals from Ballachulish had to be placed on the signal bridge at the west end of the station. One of the signals now provided on the Outer Home signal post should be removed.

24 September 1903

Signalling alterations to suit the requirements of the Board of Trade.

17 May 1904

Lt. Col. Yorke (Board of Trade) re-inspected and found that his requirements of 28 August 1903 had been carried out. The box now contained 45 levers in use, 8 spare and 3 spaces.

Connel Ferry West (1904)
Connel Ferry West (1904)

14 May 1930

Revised signalling arrangements introduced at Connel Ferry Viaduct.

7 July 1940

Down Sidings (Admiralty Sidings) opened.

Connel Ferry West (1946)
Connel Ferry West (1946)

21 June 1948

Down Sidings removed.

22 January 1953

Dock Platform line removed. Signal gantry replaced.

27 February 1953

Disc signals 21 and 33 repositioned.

Connel Ferry West (1953)
Connel Ferry West (1953)

17 September 1961

Down Distant signal renewed.

8 January 1967

Signal box closed. Branch platform line retained as single line.