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A crossing loop was established at Connel Ferry when the railway opened in 1880.

24 May 1880

Col. Marindin (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection in connection with the extension of the line from Dalmally to Oban. There was one frame of 11 levers. Opening was refused due to incompleteness of work.

29 June 1880

Board of Trade re-inspection. Opening sanctioned.

1 July 1880

Line opened between Dalmally and Oban. Signal box opened.

12 August 1880

New tablet instruments inspected by Board of Trade and reported without comment.

Later that year, it was reported that the tablet instruments referred to above now had additions, with two sets of instruments at each station, one set of round and one set of octagonal tablets, all lettered for the section applicable. There was the usual undertaking for the train staff system.

4 November 1898

Additional signals to protect passing trains from blasting in the new cutting west of the station.

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Connel Ferry (1898)
Connel Ferry (1898) (Un-numbered)

17 March 1899

New junction opened to facilitate construction of new railway to Ballachulish.

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30 July 1899

Lt. Col. Yorke (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection of a new siding connection on the single line, worked from a small 2-lever ground frame controlled by the electric train tablet for the section. This siding is for the use of the contractors building the Ballachulish Branch. The engine had to be at the lower end, and if this could not be done, then the whole train had to be placed in the siding before shunting began.

1 June 1903

Temporary siding brought into use.

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Connel Ferry (1903)
Connel Ferry (1903) (Un-numbered)

18 August 1903

Signal box closed.

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