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Callander East was one of two signal boxes provided in connection with the enlargement of Callander station in 1882. The signal box was replaced in 1902 when the line from Callander & Oban Junction was doubled. Its lever frame was replaced in 1938 when the line from Callander & Oban Junction was singled again. The former Down line was retained to provide access to the goods yard (at the former DD&CR terminus station). The lever frame was replaced again in 1958, providing additional spare levers intended to take over control of the west end of the station. The signal box closed when the line closed in 1965.

1 August 1882

Signal box opened.

23 August 1882

Col. Marindin (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection of the incomplete new station. The signalling was concentrated in two new cabins at the ends of the loop and the interlocking was correct. The siding signals were, as usual on the Caledonian Railway, semaphore signals and not discs and it is desirable that these signals should be subordinated to the main line signals by shortening and, where practicable, lowering the posts. The station required re-inspection when complete.

2 November 1883

Col. Marindin (Board of Trade) reported on his re-inspection and found that the only alteration since August 1882 was a new passenger dock on the Dunblane side, for traffic to and from Dunblane, the points and signals for which were worked from the East signal cabin, now containing 21 levers, of which 6 were spare.

Callander East (1884)
Callander East (1884) (Un-numbered)

30 April 1891


12 July 1895


27 August 1895


12 November 1895


29 February 1896

Lt. Col. Yorke (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection of the change of position of the loop points at the west end of the station, bay lines constructed at each end, shunting sidings provided at each end of the loop and the resignalling consequent on these changes and which was worked from the existing signal box, containing 28 working levers and 1 spare lever. He required no.24 Bay Starting signal to be placed outside (i.e. north of) the Bay Sidings, and a safety switch to be provided in place of the scotch block on the Bay Siding on the south side of the station at the east end.

31 March 1896

Up Dock Line signal replaced.

5 June 1902

Down Distant signal repositioned.

23 June 1902

Down Home signals repositioned.

2 November 1902

Line doubled from Callander & Oban Junction. Signal box replaced?

25 November 1902

Col. Pringle (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection of the west end of the arrangements for working the doubling of the line from Callander & Oban Junction. The Up Siding connection to the east of the scissors crossing had not been complete at the time of the inspection but the interlocking in the frame had been provided, the frame being new and having 40 levers of which 4 were spare. He required no.20 to lock no.28 both ways. The single line tablet instruments had been replaced by double line block instruments.

15 May 1903

New Up siding. Down Distant signal repositioned.

14 February 1908

Alterations. Details unknown (provision of scissors crossover?).


Line from Callander & Oban Junction singled. (Lever frame replaced?)

Callander East (1938)
Callander East (1938)

21 December 1958

Signalling and permanent way alterations. Lever frame replaced.

Callander East (1958)
Callander East (1958)

30 October 1965

Signal box closed. Line closed.