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A siding was opened at Ach-na-Cloich in 1916 to serve a sawmill. It lay within the Taynuilt to Connel Ferry East tablet section, a little to the west of Ach-na-Cloich station. Because of the gradient, the siding was only worked by Up direction trains. The siding was removed in 1964; Ach-na-Cloich station closed the following year.

16 August 1916

Siding opened.

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22 November 1916

Col. Pringle (Board of Trade) reported on his inspection of new points laid on the single line to give access to a new Sawmill Siding on the west side of the railway and facing trains from Taynuilt. The points were worked from a 2-lever ground frame, controlled by the train tablet for the section. Due to the gradient, the siding was to be worked only by Up trains.

Ach-na-Cloich (1916)
Ach-na-Cloich (1916)

1 January 1917

Ach-na-Cloich station temporarily closed.

1 June 1919

Ach-na-Cloich station re-opened.

23 November 1964

Siding closed.